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March 18, 2015 at 8:00am - The March ETA meeting will feature Bellevue Deputy Mayor Kevin Wallace.  Read more.


Did You Know...

Roundabouts: A type of circular intersection with yield control of entering traffic, islands on the approaches, and appropriate roadway curvature to reduce vehicle speeds. There are now 296 of them in Washington. They are an effective traffic control when stop signs will no longer do and a traffic signal will cause more congestion. Large volumes of left turns work better at a roundabout. They are proving to be safe and popular, once drivers understand how they work. A good example of congestion relief opportunities. See WSDOT videos to learn more:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsCoI7lERGE.

ETA News & Reports

ETA Accomplishments for 2014 (pdf)

2014 ETA Speakers (pdf)

New taxes for Sound Transit? Now is not the time | Other Voices, link to Bellevue Reporter article, December 31, 2014 (view on-line)

Sound Transit Financing and 3-County Road & Transit Funding - Presentation to the Eastside Transportation association November 19, 2014 By James W. MacIsaac, P.E

Major Neglect of Roadway FundingThe Major Neglect of Roadway Funding by Jim MacIsaac, June 2014 (pdf)




Vote "no" on Proposition 1, money better spent on roads, pdf of Guest Opinion by Bill Eager, Seattle Times, March 29, 2014

King County Revenue Chart


Annual Transportation Revenue, King County – Current Law, Feb. 19, 2014. Prepared by James W. MacIsaac, P.E.


Steve Marshall's presentation to ETA, Feb. 19, 2014

Metro is Unfair (pdf) November 18, 2013 Report by ETA
"The inequity of METRO Transit funding to King County’s suburban subareas is significant and unfair. East King County receives less than half the service hours it pays for with the sales taxes collected in this area..." Read more.

ETA Letter to Sound Transit (pdf) November 22, 2013
Re: Scoping Comments for Long Range Plan Update  Read the letter.

Is Metro “Crying Wolf”? (pdf) November 11, 2013 Report by ETA

ETA Reports:

ETA Report - War on Cars
The War on Cars

 Raising revenues
the right way.


What you need to know about HOT Lanes

The Washington Roundtable Transportation Proposal (pdf)- for funding our state's transportation network to support a 21st century economy. Recommendations to the legislature include a 10-year transportation investment package that funds critical maintenance, operations and preservation needs as well as critical corridor improvements via a value based vehicle license fee (.6% rate), a gross weight fee on trucks over 12,000 pounds (15% rate) and a nine cent fuel tax increase (five cents in 2014, four cents in 2015).

We Should Stop Waging a War on Cars, Op-ed by Bruce Nurse, November 17, 2012 (external link to Seattle Times.

The Future of Roads, Automobiles, and Public Transit - presentation by John Niles from the June ETA meeting is now available online. (June 2012)

ETA Issues Press Release Appealing I-90 Ruling to the State Supreme Court , May 2012 (pdf)

Reports published by ETA:

HOT Lanes on SR167 - A Financial & Operational Failure (pdf)

ETA Guiding Principles for Funding of Highway Transportation Systems (pdf)


Download the ETA Brochure (pdf), which details the Research Committee's qualifications.

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